Gigabyte X11 is the world's fastest and lightest 11.6-inch notebook

Gigabyte is known more for their motherboards than anything else, but this time, they’ve pulled a real number out of the hat. The company has announced the X11 netbook, a 975g power house, that just so happens to be the lightest in the world. The 11.6-inch form factor makes it perfect companion while travelling as the carbon fibre is light, yet extremely strong. The netbook will be displayed at the upcoming Computex 2012 with prices starting from $999 to $1,299 (approx Rs.72,800), depending on the configuration. The netbook or notebook rather, will be available in stores from July.

World's fastest netbook yet!

World's fastest netbook yet!


The X11 is made by unique diamond weaving technique with careful application of transparent or black paint coating, forming the Woven Diamond and Black Diamond classics X11. The Woven Diamond exposes the beauty of the original glaze carbon black and diamond weaving patterns. The Black Diamond applies the lacquer on the cover to show the meticulous texture. It is designed both externally and functionally by taking cues from the aggressive and sleek looks of a sports car presenting a special 3D arc design. The hidden aluminium hinge looks just like the sleek silver wheels of a profound super sports car, adding a low-key speedy look for the X11. Taking inspiration from the exhausts of super cars, the Gigabyte R&D team have developed the dual air vent design that efficiently exports the heat of the laptop, and also makes cooling even more efficient with its application of aluminium materials.

The notebook is powered by 3rd generation Intel Core processors, Windows 7 Home Premium, a 128GB SSD, USB3.0 and Bluetooth4.0. X11 also enhances the multimedia ability by adapting a 16:9 HD screen with LED backlight to make the images crisp and vivid. With Intel Rapid Start Technology and Intel Anti-Theft Technology built-in, X11 embodies the computing intelligence and data security ability. The Smart Recovery allows hassle-free system restore. Just click on F9 when the computer is booting up to launch Smart Recovery and quickly restore the notebook system.

Published Date: Jun 01, 2012 05:39 pm | Updated Date: Jun 01, 2012 05:39 pm