Gigabyte officially announce their 7-series motherboard line-up

Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards has launched their long awaited 7-series motherboards for 3rd generation Intel Core processors. Combining the world’s first Dual UEFI BIOS, a new and unique All Digital power design, and the latest GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 4 technologies, GIGABYTE 7-series motherboards offer some unique feature for potential DIY’ers. Exact Indian pricing is still being worked out right now, but we’ll update you as soon as those details roll in.

New features in a new package

New features in a new package


The new 7-series motherboards also feature Gigabyte’s revolutionary 3D BIOS that is based on the exclusive Gigabyte UEFI DualBIOS technology. With an updated look and feel, this new 3D BIOS offers two distinct modes of interaction in a BIOS environment, 3D Mode and Advanced Mode, that re-draw the traditional BIOS user experience with a far more intuitive and graphical interface.  All new All Digital power design for Gigabyte 7-series motherboards allows users to have greater control over the power delivered to their 3rd generation Intel Core processors on the LGA 1155 socket. Using entirely digital controllers for the CPU, processor graphics, VTT and system memory, users can enjoy more precise power delivery to the PC’s energy sensitive components than previously possible.


The motherboards feature the latest GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 4 technology, embracing a range of exclusive technologies that guarantee DIY PC builders the absolute best protection for their PC. Specific features prevent common malfunction threats, including humidity and moisture, electro-static discharge, sudden power loss and high operating temperatures. GIGABYTE 7-series motherboards include an exclusive PCIe expansion card that offers support for the latest Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart Ready) and dual band 300Mbps Wi-Fi connectivity (with select models). With the growing availability of affordable or free remote mobile to PC software, such as Splashtop and Dropbox, Gigabyte delivers a personal cloud within the secure environment of a home network where the performance and functionality of desktop PCs can be utilized and controlled by portable cloud devices.

Here’s a quick video showcasing their new series and what one can expect from the new UD4 motherboards:

Published Date: Apr 09, 2012 03:31 pm | Updated Date: Apr 09, 2012 03:31 pm