Get Your USB-Powered Gadgets For Cheap Off The Street

A walk down any tech wholesale market such as Lamington Road in Mumbai will be peppered with stops at the road side hawkers. These hawkers are similar to any other commodity or food stalls so commonly found here, except that the stuff they sell are compact, and more often than not super innovative, and most importantly cheap, tech gadgets.

They are all powered by USB too, which provides between 4.75-5.25 volts. We took a stroll last weekend and had a look at these cool little gadgets. Besides USB powered ones we also looked at cheap accessories available.

USB powered Light: Rs 70

This nifty little device connects to a USB and shines enough light for your keyboard typing needs, especially useful at night when the room lights need to be off. This particular one has 3 LEDs, there are other kinds with different LED arrangements.

USB Powered Fan: Rs. 70

If there is a light, there should be a fan right? This cousin of the aforementioned light, connects to the USB and provides some cool air to your face in case you are out of an AC environment, or you want to look geeky in the train.

USB Powered Notebook Cooler: Rs 110

This product is an extension of the USB fan. It actually is 3 fans cast in transparent hard plastic pad with rubber stands at the 4 ends. It's meant to be kept under your laptop, and cools the stuff under the hood when in use. Cooling is essential to the healthy life of your internal electronics.

USB Hub: Rs 60

At times 2 or 3 USB ports are not enough. One needs more, and for low powered devices, a Hub is perfect. Connect an extra numpad, or a attach more flash drives.


USB Charging adapter: Rs. 50

This is available by Apple name for a small sum, but these unnamed ones come for a tiny sum. One word of caution: while this product generally works to charge stuff that draw their juice from USB, these cheap ones have no guarantee on the DC voltage converted, it might fluctuate to a level that might damage the battery. Other than that no problem.

USB Powered Vaccum: Rs. 80

This device uses USB to suck out dust and other dry and light unwanteds from nooks and crevices in your machines intricate architecture. Dust is something that must nor be taken lightly as it hampers heat dissipation, something that can be fatal to your processor.

LCD cleaning Kit: Rs 40

No this is not USB powered, but something handy for owners of LCD screens, be it in the form of a PC monitor or larger sized HDTV. Get those finger stains off.

Published Date: Jan 25, 2010 04:00 pm | Updated Date: Jan 25, 2010 04:00 pm