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Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? But how often have you got something that you haven’t liked? If you aren’t really close to the person, gifting them something is like imposing your choice on them, which they won’t necessarily like. And on big occasions like, say, a wedding or even house warming, think about the kind of gifts you get and not to mention the sheer duplicity. Most of the items received end-up gathering dust in some forgotten corner of your house. Instead, wouldn’t it be better if you received something that you were hoping to buy, as a gift? It’s pretty common in the west to create a gift registry of the things that you want and then share it with others. They can then buy stuff from the list depending on their budget. It’s the ideal situation where the person who is gifting doesn’t have to spend hours thinking about what to give and the person receiving is happy to get something of their choice.

While it works in the west, there is still some reluctance here for this concept to really take off. The most troubling question is how can you tell people what gift you want? But if you get past that initial awkwardness, then you will realise just how useful gift registries are. And don’t be worried about listing things that you really want but are expensive, as some of the registries provide people the option of contributing an amount that they are comfortable with. Many of them can pool in the money to buy you the gift.  You can create registries for any occasion; it could be a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, house warming or even bachelorette. Here are some of the sites you can look at.  

IndianGiftRegistryIndianGiftRegistry also has the option of cash gift

IndianGiftRegistry also has the option of cash gift


Whether it’s a wedding you are planning or your birthday, with IndianGiftRegistry you can create your wishlist as well as your gift registry. You can sign up using your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter ID or by using an alternate ID. Creating a gift registry is quite simple; after stating the necessary details like the date, time and venue, you can start adding the products you want. You can browse through the online manual or install the ‘Add to India Gift Registry’ button that will allow you to add products from any website. The advantage here is that if someone wants to gift you a product on your list, then he can directly do so from here as it will be linked to the shopping site. If you want to create a cash gift option, then you need to have a PayPal account, where your friends can transfer the money. If there is something that you want but isn’t available online, then you can add the same by providing the details of where it can be purchased from. Once you have created your registry, you can share it with your family and friends. Apart from this, the site also allows you to create a wishlist, which could act like a check-list of the things you need to do. Another aspect of the site is that you can create mini site for your event and even create invites.

ShareUrJoyWith ShareUrJoy you can add product from virtually any site on the Internet

With ShareUrJoy you can add product from virtually any site on the Internet


One of the first gift registry sites, ShareurJoy allows you to create gift registry for wedding, birthday, engagement, house warming, new office, baby shower, raksha bandhan, charity, vacation, honeymoon or even just like that. Creating your wishlist on the site is pretty simple. You can browse through the products from the various existing categories and if you like something, then you can simply drag-drop it into the grey panel on the right side of the screen. The categories include gift vouchers, gadgets, Innovative gifts, décor, bags & luggage, apparel, personalised gifts, flowers, and even investments. It includes products from some well-known brands. You can select the items and add them to your wishlist. If you don’t find a particular product that you are looking for, then you can add it to the list by providing the details about its cost and where it can be purchased from; you can even upload a picture. Once you have added the products, you can share the list with others via email, Facebook or even Twitter. You can create a custom message that will be sent to them. The items on your wishlist can be directly purchased from the site. Some of the products have the option where users can make partial payment towards the selected product. This is especially handy if it’s a particularly expensive product.  


ClusivClusiv features some premium features

Clusiv features some premium features


Another popular site for gift registry is Clusiv. You can sign up using Facebook or Twitter, or create a new ID. Unlike other gift registry sites, Clusiv features some exclusive high-end products in the Home & Lifestyle, personal and fashion accessories categories. There is no option to add products that aren’t featured on the site to your wishlist. Creating a wishlist is pretty simple and Clusiv allows you to customise the look of your wishlist. You can upload the main image and select from one of the many themes available. You can also add information about the event to further customise your list. Once you have added the products to your wishlist, you can share it using a variety of options available. Apart from email, Facebook and Twitter, you can also choose to share via other mediums like Pinterest. People buying you the gifts have the option to make partial payment towards the gift. Before your registry closes, you have the option to buy the said product by paying the remaining amount. And if you do not take any action, then the contributed amount will be converted into a gift voucher that can be redeemed only on Clusiv. The site is also a great place to buy gifts.   

FirstPheraThe popular wedding site, has also started gift registry

The popular wedding site has also started gift registry


FirstPhera, the well-known wedding site that allowed you to create a mini site for your wedding, has recently started gift registry. You will need to sign-in to start with your registry. You can add products to your registry by browsing through categories like travel & leather gifts, mobile phones, handicrafts, cosmetics, home décor, electronics and others. And if you are confused as to what to add to your registry, then it has a recommendation feature as well. All you need to do is to select your priorities like weather you want to travel, re-do your house, digitise, etc. Alternatively, you can also get recommendations based on budget that you think your guest will be fine with. Here, the choice of products is quite limited, but you have the option to add products. When it comes to sharing the registry, you can either share it on the mini wedding site, if you have one, or invite people via email. As mentioned, FirstPhera allows you to create your wedding site. Apart from this, it also has tools to help you plan your wedding right from creating a checklist of things to do to even providing you with information about vendors and invitation cards.    

GiftsRegistryIndiaApart from creating gift registry, GiftsRegistryIndia is also a good place to buy gifts

Apart from creating gift registry, GiftsRegistryIndia is also a good place to buy gifts


One more site that you can look at is GiftsRegistryIndia. The portal is a one-stop place for gifting solutions. Apart from creating gift registry, it’s also a site from where you can buy gifts. For creating a registry, you will have to sign up on the site and then browse through the several categories to add products to your list. The categories range from apparel, gadgets, electronics, travel, unique gifts, gift hampers, home décor, watches etc. A unique category is charity, which you can select if you wish to donate money for some cause. In terms of products, it has some decent range to choose from. It also has gift vouchers from some brands. However, you don’t have option to add products to your registry that aren’t featured on the site. You have the option to select a theme and cover image for your registry. Once you have created a list, you can share it with others by adding their email and mobile phone details. You can also plan an event using the site.

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Published Date: Nov 29, 2012 06:13 pm | Updated Date: Nov 29, 2012 06:13 pm