Get ready, Zynga might be working on Farmville 2

If you've ploughed too many raspberry fields and milked too many strawberry cows, have no fear. While some Farmville toys might keep you happy for a while, you'll be happier to know that Zynga might be working on a second Farmville. And why not. Farmville, which has been around for nearly three years (it will have its third birthday in June), is still the most popular game on Facebook with 26 million active monthly users according to AppData which is an independent metrics and trends site for Facebook. Furthermore, at its peak, Farmville had more than 80 million monthly active users. Making a Farmville 2 only makes sense for Zynga. Especially since they have no problems making sequels to their games (hint: Mafia Wars 2).

Will we have banana cows this time?

Will we have banana chickens this time?




The hint that there will be a Farmville 2 comes from the resume of a copywriter, Alex Harvey. According to Mashable, Harvey worked for a communications firm called Isobar which handled Zynga as one of its clients. His resume states that he was involved in a successful pitch for Farmville 2, which may have taken place at any time between January 2011 and February 2012. Of course, now that the news is out, Harvey has removed any mention of this part of his work history. Certain things he mentioned that he worked on were "Lighthouse Cove" and "English Countryside". While, of course, the mentions of such 'worlds' do not automatically mean it's a second Farmville (could just be extensions to the current Farmville), it still could be a project that Zynga is working on behind closed doors.


However, another way to think about it is that Farmville is still the number one game on Facebook. At its peak, Farmville had nearly 84 million monthly active users and it is still the number one game on Facebook today. When The Sims Social came out last fall, it was quite the popular game and overtook Farmville to take the number two spot on Facebook games (number one was Cityville), however, that popularity did not last. A few months later, The Sims fell back to number five, way behind Farmville, and now it doesn't even appear on a list. So the question is, why would Zynga remake something that is still a solid gold number one for them. However, the difference between Farmville's peak and its current numbers, is quite big and Zynga might want to recreate the hype that it once had.


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