Get More Creative by Literally Wearing a 'Thinking Cap'

For University of Sydney (Australia) Professor Allen Snyder, the old adage of using a thinking cap when you’re out of ideas became a very literal thing. His studies are aiming to prove that a savant is merely someone who has their brain stimulated in certain places and that allows them to have more focused thoughts as compared to the regular average Joe or Jane.

So it's not the latest fashion...

According to Cnet, Over the course of his experiments Prof. Snyder has devised and tested his ‘thinking cap’ theory and apparatus on 60 subjects. The ‘headgear’ he’s designed consists of a rubber strap with two attached conductors. Low levels of electricity are passed though the brain (I know, sounds like a bit of a lobotomy doesn’t it?) and at the same time suppresses its left side. The idea is to stimulate your right side, your more creative side, a little more to help you perform better.

With this experiment, he aims to make a savant out of all of us and I’ll admit, I don’t quite get the whole idea as well, but wouldn’t we all like to be just a little smarter or more creative?

Take a look at this video from NatGeo where Prof. Synder explains just how the system is deigned to work. It also showcases one of his guinea pigs and the test processes he uses for all participants. Even if you still don’t understand how it works, it’s nevertheless quite interesting.

Published Date: Feb 11, 2011 04:52 pm | Updated Date: Feb 11, 2011 04:52 pm