Get Lucky, Enter the Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial

The Battlefield 3 Alpha trial has been underway since a few days and it seemed DICE was randomly picking people to take part, so far, but now according to, everyone who has an Origin account may be able to get in. This unfortunately has not worked for me or any of my friends, but throughout message boards the world over, there have been quite a few lucky gamers who’ve managed to score themselves a key this way. To try your luck, head right here, follow the procedure and start praying.

This could be your lucky day.... or not!

This could be your lucky day.... or not!


However you have to fulfill a few other requirements as well, such as subscribing to their newsletter and making sure your Veteran status is updated here. For the clueless, your veteran status is determined by the amount of Battlefield games you own.

But those who can’t get in this way shouldn’t get too disheartened as it seems DICE may kick off the beta this September. Initially the beta will be limited to those who picked up the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor, but it will soon be opened to all. This is all happening on the PC as DICE have remained mum at any questions fired off to them regarding the beta on consoles.

Battlefield 3 releases for the Xbox360, PS3 and PC by the 25th of October, 2011.

Published Date: Jul 28, 2011 04:31 pm | Updated Date: Jul 28, 2011 04:31 pm