Get gadgeted this Diwali for Rs 50,000

We’ve shown you the best gadgets we could fit into a Rs. 20,000 budget, and we’ve also shown you a cool choice of devices for under Rs. 35,000. In this round, we’ve got a budget of Rs. 50,000 and we’ve got you set up for home entertainment with that figure. Again, dear readers, please be aware that prices will vary based on location and dealers. And don’t forget to look for online deals for the festive season. So here’s what you can get for a budget of around Rs. 50,000:


Nintendo DS Lite – Rs 7,890

With the festive season coming soon, the first thing we think of is the holidays, and what better way to spend the holidays than lounging with a portable gaming device. That’s where the Nintendo DS Lite comes in. Featuring two screens, one being a resistive touch screen that adds new gameplay elements to otherwise standard games, and the other is a screen that can display a total of 262,144 colours. Gamers can also use the Nintendo DS Lite to play with their friends, as it features wireless capabilities with a range of 30 to 100 feet. This can be ideal for games that have multiplayer support. The battery life of the console is really good as well with approximately 15 to 19 hours of play on a 3-hour charge. The stereo speakers fitted here provide virtual surround sound, which can be great during gaming. Available in the market for Rs 7,890, this will be a great buy this Diwali.

Gaming on the go with Dual Screens for double the interactivity

Gaming on the go with dual screens for double the interactivity



Philips HTS2501 5.1 Home Theatre System – Rs. 6,600

The Philips HTS2501 offers good value for money in this price range. For this price, you get a 5.1 channel surround sound system with four full range drivers that deliver the highs and the mid-range as well. The system packs in 300W RMS power, with the sub-woofer getting 50W while the rest is distributed amongst the satellites. The DVD player itself supports multiple formats including support for DivX Ultra. Along with this, you also have enhanced audio format support like Dolby Digital. The speaker system is easy to set up, thanks to Philips's 'Click-fit' speaker connectors. 

Easy to set up, easy on the ears and most importantly it's easy on the wallet

Easy to set up, easy on the ears and most importantly, it's easy on the wallet



Adata HD710 2.5-inch 500 GB External HDD USB 3.0 – Rs. 4,000

Do you have a sibling at home or a close friend who loves collecting movies and music? Why not gift them something they would want to carry along their media collection or documents everywhere around with them? Why not check out some portable hard drives from ADATA, especially the HD710 family, which features a completely rugged and portable USB hard drive. The HD710 series storage drives are built with a military-grade shock-resistant and waterproof rubberised body, specially designed to safeguard the vital data within. Not only are they designed for data protection, but they also won’t compromise on performance, as they feature a USB 3.0 PC interface to enable blazing speed data transfers from a USB 3.0 compatible PC or laptop. The drives are available in colour variants of blue, black and yellow and storage capacities of 500GB, 750GB and 1TB. Each drive weighs just 220 grams and look awesome too. A 500GB drive would cost you around Rs 4,000, while the 750GB and 1TB should cost around Rs 5000 to Rs 7,000 respectively, Each drive comes with a 3-year warranty.

Rubberized, military-grade, shock-resistant and waterproof shell with blazing data transfer speeds using a USB 3.0 interface.

Rubberised, military-grade, shock-resistant and waterproof shell with blazing data transfer speeds using a USB 3.0 interface.



Sennheiser PX 80 – Rs. 1,990

If you're the kind of person who doesn't like using canal earphones but wants headphones that can be used on the go, then Sennheiser's PX80 is one of the better, affordable ones in the market. It is lightweight and can be very very handy if you're travelling to work; you won't get completely isolated from the world around you. At the same time, you can be at home watching a movie or gaming and you can still use them, thanks to the long cable. This one's a good companion no matter what you're using – a phone, tablet, laptop or PC!

Fold it up for easy portability and great audio on the go

Fold it up for easy portability and great audio on the go



Samsung LA32E420E2R – Rs. 26,500

The LA32E420E2R is a surprisingly affordable 32-inch HD-ready TV set with all the features you need and none of the extras you’ll never use. The main draw is the digital movie playback via a built-in USB port. This lets you play your vast collection of digital videos without an additional media player box. Two HDMI inputs suffice for your high-def sources such as a DTH set-top box and gaming console. At just 89mm thin, the TV is solid and attractive enough for any living room or bedroom; it is even designed to be eco-friendly. Paired with the right home theatre speakers, this is the perfect centrepiece for enjoying all your digital media this Diwali.

A good looking TV with plenty of connectivity

A good looking TV with plenty of connectivity



Asus O!Play HDP-R1 – Rs. 5,490

An HD media player is the most logical and cost-effective means to make your TV smart. With one such device, you can play audio and video files of virtually any format, watch photos, browse the web, play streamed content and watch YouTube videos on any television set. Although a bit old, the Asus O!Play HDP-R1 is still one of the best media players you can buy if you don’t have a budget high enough to buy a high-end model with built-in storage and a multitude of connectivity options. This media player is a no-nonsense device with composite and HDMI outputs that can play most media formats (including MP4, MKV, FLV, VOB, OGG and FLAC) without any hiccup. In addition to USB ports for playing media from USB flash drives, portable hard drives and card readers, you also get an eSATA port for speedy data transfer. The HDP-R1 isn’t too large and can easily sit in a small corner or be hidden amidst various home theatre components.

For all your video formats

For all your video formats



That’s our list of gadgets and gizmos for a budget of around Rs. 50,000. Let us know what you’d change or what your list would be. Keep in mind though, the budget is Rs. 50,000. 


So here’s wishing you a bright and safe Diwali once again guys. May your festive season be bright and prosperous with as little smoke as possible. 


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Published Date: Nov 10, 2012 04:28 pm | Updated Date: Nov 10, 2012 04:28 pm