Get gadgeted this Diwali for Rs 35,000

In the last Get Gadgeted for Diwali segment, we showcased devices we thought you should have within a budget of Rs. 20,000. We’ve upped the budget this time around and here’s our list of goodies you can cram into a Rs. 35,000 budget. Do be advised though, prices could vary depending on your dealer and location. You might even get better prices as Diwali offers both online and in stores are in full swing. So take a look at what we selected for you in this budget:


Amkette Smart Bluetooth Wireless keyboard – Rs. 2,000

When it comes to productivity, there's little that you can do on a tablet because of the amount of space that a touch-screen takes. So, a real physical keyboard is the way to go and they aren't very expensive either. Take the Amkette Smart Bluetooth Wireless keyboard for example. It's priced at just Rs. 2,000, but you can easily hook it up to a tablet or phone using Bluetooth in minutes and get typing. There's even a home button that lets you quickly switch between apps and jump to your homescreen. It's powered by two AAA batteries and comes with a pouch so you can easily carry it with you. 

Wirless bliss

Wirless bliss



Logitech Mini Boombox – Rs. 4,999 or OR DiVoom BLUETUNE-2 – Rs. 4550

Whether or not you are a music aficionado, a pair of good Bluetooth speakers is a must. And with a budget of Rs. 5,000, you will have several good options to choose from. We have picked the Logitech Mini Boombox and the Divoom BLUETUNE -2 Bluetooth speakers, both of which are highly portable and provide exceptional sound quality. Don’t be deceived by the size of the Mini Boombox, as its sound quality is pretty awesome. Additionally, it sports a touchscreen control panel that allows you to manage your playlist. On the other hand, the BLUETUNE-2 adds spunk with its bright colours and also delivers good sound quality. While the Logitech Mini Boombox will cost you Rs. 4900, for the Divoom Bluetune-2 you will have to shell out Rs. 4550. You can check leading online shopping portals to find a good deal. 

We couldn't make up our mind between the two, they're both awesome

We couldn't make up our mind between the two, they're both awesome



Micromax Superfone Canvas 2 A110 – Rs. 10,400

Picking up from where the A100 left off, Micromax has launched the Canvas 2 A110 with an extended feature set that’s just great for the price. It’s got a 1GHz dual core processor running under the hood and also features Android’s ICS running natively as the UI. The camera has also been upped to an 8 MP lens, but the display size is still retained at 5 inches. Micromax has tweaked the form a little bit to make it look like the new Samsung Galaxy Note II, giving a slightly fresher look. With dual SIM support, you’ll be able to handle both work and play seamlessly. 


Wicked Leak Wammy Desire – Rs. 6,499

An Android tablet is a wonderful gift for any age group—be they kids, teenagers, college students, working professionals, business professionals or parents, they would definitely appreciate a portable computer. Using a tablet, one can browse the Internet for information, socialise with friends and family, make voice and video calls, listen to music, watch movies and even play games. A tablet is the best option for a Diwali gift as it is small, portable and easy to operate for any age group. The best tablet we can recommend here is the nice-looking Wammy Desire from Wicked Leak. Unlike other 7-incher Android tablets, this one features the latest Android Jellybean operating system with a powerful 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and an internal storage of 8GB. The Desire has a superb build quality, plays high-definition videos without any efforts and has a very smooth user interface. So go ahead, check out this tablet and wrap it up for your loved ones.

A great Dual Core tablet with very usable features

A great dual-core based Android 7-incher with a rugged build, good looks and sweet price



Nokia BH-221 Bluetooth Headset – Rs. 4,250

Nokia has been keeping its accessory segment fresh with new devices launched regularly. Focusing on NFC, Nokia’s BH-221 A2DP enabled Bluetooth headset will go great with your Lumia handset or any other compatible smartphone—the list is quite long. The BH-221 is being sold in funky colours and the key asset is the OLED display located on one side. It features Track ID, a Built-in FM radio with Station ID displayed and caller ID as well. The clip system allows you to rotate the device 360 degrees for easy access and viewing the display. Audio quality and the overall user experience also make it a worthy choice in this segment.

Funky colors and NFC to boot

Funky colours and NFC to boot



D-Link Shareport DIR-505 – Rs 2,250

You shouldn’t look past a Wi-Fi router if you’re investing in a smartphone or a tablet. Not only will you be able to surf the Internet wirelessly at high speed, you’ll also be able to share data and stream media. The D-Link Shareport DIR-505 is quite different from other routers, the key feature being its form factor. It’s like a bloated 3-pin plug and works directly off a 110 or 220V power outlet. The antenna, power supply and the router are built-into this compact device, which makes it extremely portable and lightweight. The device has an Ethernet and a USB port (for data sharing only) at the bottom, and it can be set to operate in three modes – Router, Repeater and Hot-spot. The DIR-505 is easy to set up and performs equally well as a regular Wi-Fi router. It’s not designed to provide coverage for the whole house or office, but it’s sufficient for a large room. We recommend this over a conventional router because it’s compact, portable and doesn’t command a high premium.

Use this anywhere, anytime for instant wireless connectivity

Use this anywhere, anytime for instant wireless connectivity



Cases for your phone – Rs. 1,500


Phone customisations can seem quite incomplete without a fitting case, and these make up for style quotient as much as they do for protection. Your neighbourhood street or several online stores would be flooded with cases of every colour in a variety of materials and finishes. Depending on the phone you own, there are several online sites like Flipkart, Fommy, Otterbox that have a host of options. Brands like Amzer and Case-Mate have a range of cases for your mobile phones, right from soft jelly-like cases to those with kickstands. If you’re in the market for something more specific, like a waterproof or a dustproof case for your handset or your tablet, you can head over to sites like Otterbox that cater to varying requirements of the users.

Cool cases for your devices

Cool cases for your devices



We hope, dear readers, that you’ll are preparing for a safe Diwali so we’re wishing you all the very best this festive season once again. Do let us know what devices you’d be able to fit into this budget of Rs. 35,000 as we’d love to see your choice of gadgets. And stay tuned to tech2 as we’ve got one more budget coming up soon. 


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Published Date: Nov 09, 2012 01:04 pm | Updated Date: Nov 09, 2012 01:04 pm