German court dismisses 2 Apple-Samsung appeals

At the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany, today, representatives of both Apple and Samsung had assembled to place their appeals before the presiding judge, Andreas Voss. However, the judge, according to a post on Foss Patents dismissed the appeals of both Apple and Samsung. As familiarized by our previous reports, both Apple and Samsung are waging a bitter battle in Germany, and in several other countries, worldwide over a host of patents, which each one claims is owned by them.


Dismissed for now!



Both the companies, had this time, too approached the court with appeals and allegations against one another. The appeals that were dismissed by the judge, include one of Apple's two claims about Samsung infringing on its patented slide-to unlock technology, and one of other 3G/UMTS-essential patents that Samsung alleges Apple infringes on. The post adds that the decision on the slide-to unlock patent, which has Apple accusing Samsung of patent infringement will be announced on March 16, i.e. two weeks from today.


The report further states that, "Samsung today announced its intent to appeal the dismissal of its case, and while Apple typically declines to comment, I believe they, too, will appeal, especially since the Mannheim court's interpretation of the slide-to-unlock patent was narrower than the one the Munich I Regional Court adopted in a case that Apple won (for the most part) against Motorola two weeks ago, a fact that shows that there's room for interpretation and appeals courts could decide either way."


This news is an update to an ongoing battle between Cupertino-based, Apple Inc. and South Korean company, Samsung Electronics, since a while now, over a host of patent infringement allegations. To know more about the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit, click here.

Published Date: Mar 02, 2012 06:24 pm | Updated Date: Mar 02, 2012 06:24 pm