Geohot Releases PS3 Root Key

Infamous “former” iPhone hacker George Hotz has just posted the Playstation 3 root key on his website along with a message thanking fail0verflow, stating he doesn’t condone piracy and that “it’d be fun to be on the other side” and work with console makers in making their systems secure.

Why does it always limera1n on me?

Why thank fail0verflow? Well they did pretty much the same thing last week and while they have gone ahead and released the development tools that they promised in their 44-minute long presentation at Chaos Communication Conference last week, Geohot has simply posted the actual root key on his website.

The root key is basically just a Sony signature that lets the PS3 know if whatever you’re trying to open is legit. However, now that the key is out in the open, people will be able to sign their homebrew apps, custom firmware or pirated ISOs with it and the PS3 will load them all without a hitch. What this means is that the PS3 –entering the fifth year of its lifecycle- has pretty much finally been hacked.

Anyway, you can check out Geohot’s website here, or if you’re inclined to track fail0verflow’s tools and their progress, you can visit their git project page here.

via Kotaku

Published Date: Jan 03, 2011 02:47 pm | Updated Date: Jan 03, 2011 02:47 pm