Genius SP-i600 docking speaker system announced

In the last two months, several devices labeled under Genius entered the Indian tech terrain. The newest to come from Genius’ kitty, is the SP-i600 speaker, especially crafted for iPads and iPhones. These famous idevices have an array of accessories crafted especially for them, and this new addition from Genius serves as a stand and a charging station, simultaneously. The speaker is capable of 4W output and offers good, deep bass. Earlier this month, the company had released new SP-i175 mini portable speakers featuring 40mm speaker driver for middle frequency sound balance and good base. And now, it adds in the speaker plus docking station.

Speaker system plus docking station

Speaker system plus docking station


The docking base can be rotated in vertical or horizontal position depending upon the user’s needs. This would make watching videos or movies comfortable. Moreover, the dock charges the device at the same time. Controlling the device from the comfort of the couch is further enabled with the remote control. The dual purpose device would come pretty handy while watching videos with simultaneously charging the device so that it doesn’t abruptly halt the viewing experience.

Take a quick look at the essential features of the Genius SP – i600 speaker for the iPad:


  • Charges Integrated into iPad docking system
  • Dual 2-inch Full range drivers
  • Use in Portrait or landscape
  • Button controls for power ON/OFF and Vol+/-
  • Aux – in jack for NB, MP3 and other 3.5mm audio output devices
  • Convenient remote control

Just two days back, we saw the Genius spill resistant keyboard combo. Genius had also launched its slightly unconventional battery-less mouse dubbed DX-ECO. The mouse comes equipped with a capacitor, which replaces a battery. The company claims that the mouse can stay charged for a day’s use after which its capacitor does with some charging, which takes no more than 3 minutes.

The Genius SP i600 is backed by a one year warranty and carries a price tag of Rs.4,653.