Genius launches SlimStar 8000X wireless keyboard combo

Genius has just unveiled the successor to the SlimStar 8000 called the SlimStar 8000X. This keyboard and mouse combo is priced at Rs.1,600 and is backed up by a 3 year warranty. Comfortable and convenient - it's simple to use - just plug in the receiver and it is ready. The anti-interference function offers reliable 2.4GHz transmission and longer operational distance. Control and convenience are at the fingertips, with comfortable full-size keyboard and 1200 dpi optical wireless mouse that provides great working efficiency and performance. The ultra-slim keycaps provide comfort when typing. This is an anti-spill product as the liquid drains out through the drain holes provided in the keyboard.

The new SlimStar

The new SlimStar


With 47.6x15.1x2.15 (LxWxH cm) body size and weighing 510g, SlimStar 8000X has Windows 7/Vista/XP, IBM/Pentium PC compatible or higher and an available USB port as its system requirement. The package contains a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, receiver, three AAA batteries (two for mouse, one for keyboard) and a multi-language user's manual.

Genius launched the first SlimStar 8000 back in December of 2010. Back then, the keyboard didn’t have very good design elements to it. It was merely block-like. The new model however looks a lot more modern with rounded edges along with redesigned keys. The inscription on the keys are printed with a laser to they won’t wear out over time. There are also two hotkeys for the volume toggle placed alongside the ‘Pause’ key. Since the keyboard is spill resistant, any liquid that you may accidentally drop can easily be drained so you can continue using the keyboard. This is particularly useful in office environments. The keyboard and mouse run on three AAA batteries in which two are needed for the mouse and just one for the keyboard.

Published Date: Jan 26, 2012 10:44 am | Updated Date: Jan 26, 2012 10:44 am