Genius launches Ring Style Media Pointer with in-air mouse function

Inspan and Genius seem to be on a roll. The latest to emerge into the Indian market from Inspan, under the Genius label is the new media pointer designed in a ring style. Claiming to the first in the world, the Ring Style Thumb controller/ media pointer has been aptly crafted for business, travel, education and i-users, says the company.

Point in style

Point in style


Light in weight, the ring presenter is a human-oriented ring style air-presenter with mouse functions. It incorporates the U.S patent design (No 7298362 B2) touch control air-presenter technology, and brings complete access to control powerpoint slides, play (F5)/exit, last/next page, left button and laser pointer anywhere in the room when doing a presentation. Besides, Ring presenter features in-air mouse function, enabling actual mouse functions, such as cursor movement, left/middle/right buttons, dragging and 4-way scrolling. The ring presenter is said to be a good solution for browsing internet pages and documents in locations, such as a bus, plane, train or school lectures. It has a natural rubber ring for good comfort and finger grip.


The ring presenter is powered by the slimmest Li-ion rechargeable battery design that protects the environment. The smart battery-low detector flashes in blue when it is time to recharge and has a worry-free 2.4GHz technology for reliable working performance and can work at a distance of up to 10 meters. The ring presenter has been flashed in five colors - Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple, or Green. 


"Now presentations will go more stylish with Genius Ring presenter. You don't have to hold the pointer in your hand; it simply fits your finger. It has an easy and flexible function with which customers can scroll, move around the pointer and play/pause the presentation whenever required," said Sudhir S, Managing Director of Inspan Infotech. "Partners will be very excited to cater first of its kind, Ring presenter, to their audience.


The ring presenter is compatible with Windows7/Vista/XP or Mac OSX 10.6+, available USB port and a CD/DVD-ROM. The in-box contents, include USB Pico receiver, CD driver, micro USB rechargeable cable, a pouch and multi-language user manual.


The Ring Presenter is priced at Rs.3,765 and backed by a warranty period of one year.

Published Date: Mar 16, 2012 09:51 am | Updated Date: Mar 16, 2012 09:51 am