Genius Kids Designer II Pen tablet launched for Rs.3860

After bringing a slew of computer peripherals to the Indian market, Inspan has launched the Genius Kids Designer II Pen tablet. This new device has been designed for young kids between the age group of 3 to 8 years, helping them to come out with new fun ideas. In fact the company calls it an idea generator that is filled with creativity and excitement. Using the tablet, kids can draw, write, paint or play games. It also sports an attractive design to appeal to children and offers ease of use. The Genius Kids Designer II will be priced at INR3,860 and is backed by a warranty period of one year (available ex-stock).


Tablet learning tool for kids...

Tablet learning tool for kids...


The Genius Kids Designer II pen tablet has been designed to tickle the young brains and comes with specially developed game software that helps kids to accelerate their learning skills in colours, shape, math, thinking, etc. It comes with a series of fun games that are made for pure enjoyment and excitement, so it won’t be all about learning. Children can also use the cordless pen that comes bundled with the device and kids don’t have to worry about losing it as the tablet has an adjustable storage section.

"With Genius Kids Designer II pen tablet it is so much more fun for kids to learn all the basics of future education while playing. Children in no-time will learn and explore all the features of the tablet. These kind of innovative tablets are surely required for today's competitive environment. I simply wish I had one of these during my early school days, it would have been a total different experience. Partners should surely go-ahead and recommend Kids Designer II tablet for today's parents," said Sudhir S, Managing Director at Inspan Infotech.  

The tablet has physical volume controls which can also be used to control a game, easy enter key for instant game access, a 5"x 8" large working area with lovely pattern that kids will find appealing, a cordless pen to write with, and an adjustable pen stand design for easy storage and to negate the possibility of losing the pen. Technological advancements which come in the form of the latest smartphones, tablets and even the apps, have something for everyone. In the past we’ve seen several educational apps and some are also targeted at young kids. ‘Tablet’ appears to be the buzz word in the tech world. Though the tablet is a nifty learning device, should we replace the pen and paper with a tablet at this age?

The system requirements for this tablet are Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. It requires a USB port and CD/DVD-ROM drive. The in-box contents include the Kids Designer II tablet, Cordless pen, a CD with Kids Designer II game software (15 games) and multi-language quick guide.