General Electric Finalises The Set-Up of World's Largest Solar Panel

Reknowned technological service company General Electric has announced its plans of lending its brand name to delivering clean energy. The wonders of energy being generated using sun’s power have always intrigued mankind. It has been touted as one of the cleanest ways of energy generation. Taking a cue from this, General Electric plans to launch the world’s largest solar panel.




The company has been involving itself in this sphere for the past five years; and with the launch of the photovoltaic panel it has cemented its involvement further. This solar panel will be America’s first. Although the company has not come out clearly on the location of said panel, it would employ 400 workers and create more than 600 jobs. The panel is expected to annually generate over 400 megawatts of energy. The company would essentially manufacture thin-film photovoltaic panels using cadmium telluride. This technology doesn’t require high investments and therefore, General Electric believes that it would make for an ideal start.

The company has also got into an agreement with NextEra Energy Resources and would provide their customers over 100 megawatts of power. General Electric has been successfully generating energy using the wind power, and believes that its venture into solar energy generation would run parallel to its existing ventures.

Published Date: Apr 09, 2011 10:31 am | Updated Date: Apr 09, 2011 10:31 am