GarageBand-type tool for ebooks to highlight Apple event

Apple is slated to hold an event tomorrow - the 19th of January 2012 and education related topics would be the order of the day. It is now a well established fact that Apple aimed to further its iPad as an educational tool, and not just a recreational device. When Apple launched iBooks, an app that can read books in the ePub or PDF format, they further cemented their aim. According to a report by ArsTechnica, Apple now plans on launching a publishing tool, which will make it easier for authors and publishers to create ebooks. This will be done on the lines of how easy GarageBand is for making songs on an iOS device.

Apple to launch a new tool for creating ebooks?

Apple to launch a new tool for creating ebooks?


The report states, “Sources close to the matter have confirmed to Ars that Apple will announce tools to help create interactive e-books - the "GarageBand for e-books," so to speak and expand its current platform to distribute them to iPhone and iPad users.” Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President at Apple is said to be presiding over the event.

However, according to a related report by Fortune, it appears that Apple may not be making a new tool, but may instead demonstrate a sample app of a new platform. The report states that Matt MacInnis, CEO of a digital textbook company called Inkling informs them that it will be a simple iPad textbook that would be produced in-house. This would serve as a reference design for textbook publishers. He does not expect Apple to unveil new tools for creating textbooks for iPads. Instead, this new platform will be designed to support the textbook industry and ‘not to do an end-run around it.’

With the Apple event just around the corner, we will definitely get to know more about this education-related endeavor from Apple.