Games You Can Play At Work

It’s one of those days again. Wake up early, get ready for work, face the never-ending traffic, reach office like a war casualty…. It doesn’t end there though. At work, straining your precious eyes on spreadsheets and other stuff, in between checking out that new girl in the office who doesn’t know you exist… And, adding fire to the fuel, your ultimate nemesis, your Boss!

You really wish you could do a vanishing act, but unfortunately, we all don’t get what we really wish, do we? So, how do you “work” your way out? The only simple solution is to take out all that anger, frustration and lethargy on some games that you can play on your workstation (by doing this, you also get your revenge on your system which never responded while printing that important document!)

This write-up will help you with a few games that you can play when at work, thus saving the world from your Hulk-like reactions. It should be noted that, this can be your only hope if you’re not punished by being forced to work on MS-DOS, because if that’s the case, your only option is calling Child Services! What’s even more interesting is that these twenty games are absolutely free and the download links are provided along with. Talk about getting perks!

1. Tremulous

The game features two opposing teams: humans and aliens. Main objective is decimating your opposing team to bits! You got it right; it has a strong resemblance to Unreal Tournament. You definitely know who to imagine as your opponent!
File Size: 125 Mb.

2. Police Supercars Racing

Sun City is the city of future, but the rise of crime rate makes this place dangerous for living. Do what every man has dreamt of doing, fighting crime!

File Size: 64 Mb.

3. Air Assault II

Published Date: Jul 07, 2010 01:46 pm | Updated Date: Jul 07, 2010 01:46 pm