Games of February 2011

Love maybe in the air but February is all about kicking some serious butt be it through a highly anticipated shooter, a very crass and unapologetic shooter or a fighting game that pits two worlds against each other.

Bulletstorm (Xbox360 PS3 PC)

Kicking it old school

An ode to old school shooters, Bulletstorm is a quite literally a kick in the nuts with its over-the-top vibe, balls-to-the-wall gameplay and a truckload of profanity that would embarrass a sailor. Made by the same people behind the excellent Painkiller, Bulletstorm is a first person shooter with an emphasis on killing with style. Why shoot someone in the face, when you can unload a clip in their family jewels, kick them in their face while they’re bent over in pain and then blast them to oblivion till the body reaches the ground?

Killzone 3 (PS3)

The three amigos

Killzone 2 blew pretty much every one’s mind with its stellar visuals and solid gameplay when it burst onto the PS3 in 2009. Many felt the game’s control scheme was a bit too clunky and so Guerilla Games tweaked the controls to resemble something closer to a Modern Warfare. Besides the revamped control scheme, the action will still be as frantic as ever, immersing players in a chaotic inter planetary war. Keeping the core gameplay the same as its predecessor, Guerilla however have improved on a bunch of factors like visuals, the introduction of brutal close quarter melee kills and jetpacks. Yes, jetpacks.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (Xbox360 PS3 PC)

Living it up in style

Test Drive Unlimited was a wet dream for anyone who enjoyed long picturesque rides over vast expanses of open road. Even though the game was a racer at heart, it featured quasi RPG mechanics where players could grind their way – through races – to buy better houses and clothes for their character. The game even featured a Massively Multiplayer Online mechanic, where players could race around in a persistent world challenging other racers. Gameplay in TDU 2 will more or less stay the same but the action this time round has moved onto Party destination, Ibiza.

Marvel VS Capcom 3 (Xbox360 PS3)

Can a shotgun shell really stop the Hulk?

Who’s more badass, Hulk or Dante? Can Iron Man whoop Ryu’s butt? Such questions and more will be answered in the current-gen continuation to Capcom’s crossover fighting series, Marvel VS Capcom 3. Instead of bogging players down with a complicated control scheme, Capcom has simplified matters by implementing three attacks – light, heavy and medium that can then be combined to unleash some devastating combos. Play through a Mission mode, practice your skills offline in an Arcade Mode or tear through real world opponents via a multitude of online modes, all featuring furious three vs three team-based mayhem.

Published Date: Feb 02, 2011 03:35 pm | Updated Date: Feb 02, 2011 03:35 pm