Gamers Trading In Their PlayStation Consoles

Sony faces another setback; this time however, it is from their customers. As reported by Edge magazine, PlayStation customers are trading in their PlayStation 3 gaming consoles for either cash or Xbox 360 consoles.

PSN will be down for awhile... don't loose hope

With PSN down, users are opting for Xbox Live




The sources of the gaming publication claim that a growing trend of PS3 consoles are being traded in for cash or Xbox 360 consoles thereby dipping sales of PSN points cards and a shift in the ratio of multi platform game sales and pre orders away from PS3.


The report goes on to say that they have noticed a massive increase in PlayStation 3 trade-ins over the past few weeks and in one location in the UK the trade-in are up by over 200 percent. These are split in half with nearly fifty percent of the users swapping their PlayStations for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 consoles. The other fifty percent of users of the PSN are opting for a cash exchange.


A source from another independent retailer told the gaming magazine that the trade-ins were driven mostly from the hard-core online shooter crowd who haven’t been able to play online since weeks. Microsoft’s alternative, Xbox Live has been running smoothly without any problems as compared to PSN; prompting users to switch consoles.


A store manager in UK speaking on conditions of anonymity told the publication that in the first week of downtime they did not see any major change in sales or trade-ins. The store manager went on to say that from the second week onwards the trend started setting in.


Source: Edge Magazine


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Published Date: May 14, 2011 11:26 am | Updated Date: May 14, 2011 11:26 am