Gameloft working on Team Fortress-like multiplayer mobile game

Gameloft is apparently working on a new game for Android and iOS called Blitz Brigade. Judging by a teaser video, it seems the game will be following Team Fortress 2's design language, but with vehicles. It will be a class-based multiplayer game where players can pick from five different character classes.

Blitz Brigade also seems to be going for the same 1950s-esque aesthetics as Team Fortress 2, and the in-game character classes are strikingly similar as well. Blitz Brigade features what looks like the Spy, Soldier and Medic classes from Team Fortress 2, with all the weapons and abilities associated with them.

The biggest difference between the two games, besides the fact that Blitz Brigade is set to be released on iOS and Android only, is that Team Fortress 2 lacks vehicles. The inclusion of vehicles could bring about a big difference in how the maps for the game are designed, as vehicles call for bigger and more expansive maps. It will also be interesting to see Gameloft integrate vehicle controls on touch-based devices.

"No mum, I'm not a crazed gunman!" - The Sniper from Team Fortress 2


The company's previous release was the latest game in the Modern Combat series, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Gameloft released it for iOS and Android devices back in December 2012. It is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store for Rs 390.

The multiplayer mode in Modern Combat 4 has been redesigned with an improved loadout system and more than 20,000 weapon arrangements. There is also a new specialisation system with redesigned skills and a new ranking system. Gameloft is known for quite a few franchises, and the Modern Combat series is a major one for the company. While Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour does look generic, the visual fidelity seems pretty good considering it's a phone game. The previous games in the series are famous for their multiplayer component, and Gameloft seems to have improved on that.

Gameloft released Wild Blood for Android back in October last year. The game boasts of a variety of features, including multiplayer with 8-player team deathmatch and capture the flag modes. Gameloft also released a trailer for the game's launch on Google Play.

Wild Blood got a trailer in August, when Gameloft showed off much of its gameplay, including the levelling system, different kinds of weapons and the variety of spells you can use. The game is an action role playing game (RPG) with a focus on hack-and-slash gameplay as opposed to stats or other character development, much like the Fable series or Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

The game boasts of many features, including real-time, full 3D graphics with special effects powered by Unreal technology, 20 different kinds of enemies including boss battles, a wide variety of weapons, intense and gory combat with melee and ranged battles, and varied environments with puzzles to reach hidden locations for extra bonuses.

Published Date: Jan 30, 2013 09:54 AM | Updated Date: Jan 30, 2013 09:54 AM