Gameloft releases launch trailer for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Gameloft has released the launch trailer for the next game in the Modern Combat series—Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The game will be making its way to the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Gameloft is known for quite a few franchises, and the Modern Combat series is a major one for the company. Judging from the trailer, Gameloft seems to be continuing the series as it has always done: by making it another modern military shooter. While Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour does look generic, the visual fidelity seems pretty good considering its a phone game. The previous games in the series are famous for their multiplayer component, and Gameloft seems to have improved on that.

Gameloft released Wild Blood for Android devices back in October. The game boasts of a variety of features, including multiplayer with 8-player team deathmatch and capture the flag modes. Gameloft also released a trailer for the game's launch on Google Play.

According to Gameloft, the story of the game is: “King Arthur has gone mad, fueled by his jealousy toward Lancelot for romancing his wife, Queen Guinevere. In his desperation, Arthur has been tricked by his sister, the all-powerful sorceress Morgana Le Fey, to open the Hellgate and allow all forms of demons to enter the world. Meanwhile, Morgana has captured Guinevere and holds her hostage on the magical island of Avalon. Now Lancelot needs to confront King Arthur and Morgana, and free the world from these evil creatures and save Guinevere.”

Wild Blood got a trailer in August, where Gameloft showed off much of its gameplay, including the level up system, different kinds of weapons and the variety of spells you can use. The game is an action role playing game (RPG) with a focus on combat, much like the Fable series or Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, with a focus on hack-and-slash gameplay, as opposed to stats or other character development.

Modern Combat 4 is coming to phones soon

Modern Combat 4 is coming to phones soon


The game boasts of many features, including real-time, full 3D graphics with special effects powered by Unreal technology, 20 different kinds of enemies including boss battles, a wide variety of weapons, intense and gory combat with melee and ranged battles, and varied environments with puzzles to reach hidden locations for extra bonuses.

Wild Blood was the next major game by Gameloft after the release of Asphalt 7 back in August. Asphalt 7 was available for iOS devices from the second half of June, and in August, Gameloft released it for Android.

One of the most highly-anticipated racing games of 2012, Asphalt 7: Heat manoeuvred its way onto the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Building on the huge success of Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, this year’s racing game from Gameloft comes with 60 different cars from some of the world’s best manufacturers, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Like most racing games, the cars you own in the game can be modified visually and internally. This helps unlock various goals within the game. By adding different modifications to the cars, you can avail of features such as Nitro boosts and various other ways to win the race.

Published Date: Dec 05, 2012 16:33 PM | Updated Date: Dec 05, 2012 16:33 PM