Gameloft announces Dark Knight Rises iOS/Android mobile game

A video game based on Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises has been announced by Gameloft. Strangely enough, this game will be exclusive to mobile phones.


Batman fans may not appreciate it, but most games based on movie licenses released for major consoles and PC are badly-made, blatant cash-ins rushed to release alongside the movie. However, the same production pipeline, when applied to mobile games may turn out a halfway decent game for a lower price. 

I'm Batman!

I'm Batman!



There have been few good games based on movie licenses. One of the worst games based on a movie console was 'ET: The Extra Terrestrial' made for the Atari 2600. However, Spider-Man 2 made for the PlayStation 2 was an amazing game that gave the player the full freedom to swing through the city of Manhattan.


One wonders why the game isn’t seeing a release on Windows Phone 7, since Warner Bros. are doing a promotion with Nokia and Microsoft to release a Dark Knight Rises special edition Nokia Lumia 800.


Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies have seen huge success, both critically and commercially. The Batman trilogy began with Batman Begins, and now ends with The Dark Knight Rises.


Batman has seen major success in the gaming industry in the past few years with the release of the critically acclaimed games 'Batman: Arkham Asylum' and its sequel, 'Batman: Arkham City'. In the former, players take the role of the Dark Knight trapped in the titular asylum that Joker and various other members of Batman’s rogues gallery have taken over. 'Batman: Arkham City' is a sequel set a short time after the first game where players must again wear the cowl and fly through Arkham City, a section of Gotham City, where the Mayor has decided to put up all the criminals.


A Game of the Year version announced for 'Batman: Arkham City' contains the game along with all the Downloadable Content (DLC) released for it, such as the Nightwing levels, and Harley Quinn’s Revenge. The release also includes a download voucher for the animated feature 'Batman: Year One'.


The Dark Night Rises will see an Android and iOS release on July 20, alongside the movie. The developers have also released a trailer for the game.

Published Date: Jul 16, 2012 05:07 pm | Updated Date: Jul 16, 2012 05:07 pm