Game4U rolls out pre-orders for upcoming games

As we approach February 2012, the first month of the year to have some significant video game releases, Game4U has decided to roll out a few pre-order bonuses for some of the upcoming games. These are:

Pre-oder goodies FTW!

Pre-oder goodies FTW!



  • Pre-order Soul Calibur 5 and qualify for a lucky draw, win a Hori Fighting Stick V3, PS3 compatible or Hori Fighting Stick VX, Xbox 360 compatible. 
  • Pre-order Twisted Metal and get a DLC which will give you early access to Axel as a vehicle, helps in unlocking the death-dealing war vehicle with a pair of giant wheels.
  • Pre-order Asura’s Wrath on PS3 and get free Asura’s Wrath PS3 Skin. Also, don’t miss a chance to get (only on pre-order) DLC of Asura Wrath’s - Devastator Pack & Infinity Pack. 
  • Pre-order Mass Effect 3 on any format and get a free N7 Keychain. 
  • Pre-order FIFA Street on any format and get a free T. Shirt.

For more on these offers you can check out their blog or visit their Facebook page.

Published Date: Jan 25, 2012 01:09 pm | Updated Date: Jan 25, 2012 01:09 pm