Galaxy S4 Mini spotted on Samsung UK's app website

News and rumours surrounding the existence of a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini smartphone have been doing the rounds for some time now. That said, there may finally be something more substantial on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini front now, according to a report by Redmond Pie


So news is that, someone in charge of Samsung's app website accidentally included the device among other compatible devices in the listing, letting out that Samsung actually has this device coming some time in the future. 


However, at the time of writing this piece, the handset was not to be seen on the listing. Nevertheless, you can have a look at the screenshot taken by the guys at Redmond Pie.  


There, you see it?



Earlier this month, after making blurry appearances on the Internet, the Galaxy S4 Mini was seen being compared to its big brother Samsung Galaxy S4 through crystal clear images in a leaked gallery. 


The phone boasts a 4.3-inch screen, as well as a reduced pixel density of 256 ppi as compared to the 441 ppi pixel density of the S4.


Samsung reportedly, plans to release the S4 Mini later this year - allegedly in two versions. This reveals the evolving trend that while bigger is better, there is definitely a market for those who feel that the Galaxy S4 is literally too big for their pockets.


But, there is a trade off on specifications if you pick up the S4 Mini. While the S4 comes in with the much-hyped Exynos 5 Octa 5410 chipset for the international model or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, you will find a dual-core 1.6GHz processor running the show in the Mini.

Published Date: May 27, 2013 08:35 am | Updated Date: May 27, 2013 08:35 am