Galaxy S3 previewed in Samsung Kies database, two variants spotted

There has been a little back and forth regarding the name of the next Samsung Galaxy S flagship. Previous indications pointed that the brand would stick to the Roman numerals and launch the yet to be announced smartphone under the Galaxy S III moniker. However, a few short days ago, when the web was inundated with leaks about the next big smartphone to come out of the Korean brand, an app called the Samsung Unpacked Mobile 2012 revealed the name of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S smartphone with it being called the Galaxy S3. However, this was soon taken down, but as is the case with the Internet, when something is on it, it stays on it. This led many to believe that the handset will indeed be going by the Galaxy S3 branding. If there was any further confirmation required, Android Community has just provided it by showing the device in Samsung’s Kies database along with the market name, Galaxy S3.




The report states that the model number GT-19300 has also been associated with it. This was expected to be the model number of the Galaxy S3 so this may come as no real surprise. Apart from the GT-19300, the leaked screenshot also shows another model, GT-19300T which could indicate that it may be a variant of the smartphone for a different market or a radio signal such as GSM, CDMA or LTE. What comes as the most significant information from this image leak is that it features a thumbnail image of the upcoming handset. This is the first time there has been an official image leak of the handset and not the blurry cam or caught in the wild ones that have been making the rounds thus far. The other image leaks also may not have been the final version as it is believed that Samsung's used a different casing with the handset for testers so as to not leak the design of the handset.

While we cannot tell much from the image as it is merely a thumbnail, it is interesting as we can have a fair idea of what to expect on the 3rd of May 2012, when the Samsung Galaxy S3 gets officially unveiled.



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Published Date: Apr 27, 2012 09:47 am | Updated Date: Apr 27, 2012 09:47 am