Galaxy Pad 10.1 free to roam Europe, save Germany

Apple’s recent win over Samsung with an injunction to stop the sale of their Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany and EU (except the Netherlands) seems to have been overturned. We had reported yesterday that a German website, Webwereld, had spoken of new evidence coming to light against Apple in the form of a discrepancy in the specs reported for the Galaxy Tab by the Cupertino based company. But this was not the only reason for the injunction being lifted. In actuality, it was not the reason at all.



Samsung comes out on top



As it turns out one ‘legal-eagle’ in the Düsseldorf court realized that it might not be technically legal to ban the sale of a product of a Korean company, or any other foreign country, in the areas in question. Samsung GmbH, which is the company’s German ‘branch’ is merely an extension of the parent company based out of Korea who are the ones who would be retailing the tablet. While the prior may have issues with selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Korean branch should have no such problems. There’s still a ban on the sale of the device in Germany however, as legal proceedings are still underway. August 25 is the court date for Samsung and the ruling on the day will be whether or not the Korean company of its German front will be able to sell Galaxy Tab 10.1’s in the country. FossPatents has more details.


Whether or not the ban was also lifted due to the ‘erroneous’ designs submitted in Apple’s injunction has not yet been clarified. As of now, Samsung and I’m sure, the rest of Europe, are obviously relieved that the much awaited Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be making its way to shelves. Let’s just hope the product is actually worth all the fuss.


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Published Date: Aug 17, 2011 10:34 am | Updated Date: Aug 17, 2011 10:34 am