G.SKILL announces 32GB memory kit for Apple iMac 2011

G.SKILL, the worldwide leading high performance memory designer has released the 32GB DDR3 1333MHz laptop memory kit for Apple iMac 2011. The G.SKILL 32GB Mac laptop memory kit, consisting of four matched 8GB DDR3 sticks has passed G.SKILL’s rigorous compatibility and reliability tests with the latest Apple iMac 2011 machines for guaranteed performance. Taking the full advantage of 4 memory slots on iMac 2011 machines, G.SKILL 32GB Mac memory kit is a good solution for professional graphic, video and audio editing and other professional applications. The new 32GB memory kit for Apple iMac 2011 is available now through G.Skill’s authorized distributors and resellers worldwide. All G.Skill memory products come with a lifetime warranty.

Boost your memory needs

Boost your memory needs


The new memory modules are fully compatible with the Mac Mini, MacBook and MacBook Pro, along with the iMac. The modules come packaged in slim box with a large ‘Mac’ logo on the box to easily differentiate the modules from the PC counterpart. The memory modules are of the laptop type, which is why they can be used in Apple desktops as well as notebooks. The modules run at a native speed of 1333MHz. The memory modules feature a slim profile without any heatsinks, so they easily fit into the notebooks or desktop.


The kit includes four 8GB DDR3 memory modules and are guaranteed to work with all Apple devices. While PC memory modules are really cheap these days, the same cannot be said for memory for the Mac. Memory modules for Apple computers often tend to be on the expensive side. One of the reasons for this is that when you upgrade your memory from Apple, the warranty is covered with the rest of the PC. This also means you’ll be able to get online support for that memory. While we realize OEMs like Dell do offer similar type of service, Apple gets away with the premium, simply because they can. Take any of their accessories and you’ll notice they are all overpriced, simply because of the brand name. Remember the bumper covers for the iPhone 4? Apple was selling them at $30 a pop for what was essentially a rubber ring around the phone. Getting back to the topic, the new memory kit should be soon available across all Apple authorized stores across the country.

Published Date: Apr 09, 2012 11:11 am | Updated Date: Apr 09, 2012 11:11 am