Fuel Cell aims to charge your smartphone for two weeks

A new portable USB fuel cell has been developed by Lilliputian Systems that aims to keep your smartphone powered for close to a fortnight, without the need for you to go to a wall socket to juice your phone up via a charger. This new fuel cell will be able to charge your smartphone close to a dozen times, before it runs out of battery – following which, you need to purchase a replacement cartridge.

Power on the go!

Power on the go!



With 4G and quad-core madness entering into the arena, the single most important aspect of smartphones that is taking a hit is the battery life. This exact concern is addressed by this new fuel cell. While it cannot keep your phone battery running longer, it definitely can ensure that you can charge it on the go, without the need of finding a power socket. PCWorld reports that this fuel cell is close to the size of your average smartphone, albeit a little thicker, owing to the replaceable cigarette lighter-sized cartridges inside. While smartphones are definitely the biggest battery suckers and this new fuel cell may potentially be a brilliant back-up solution, charging isn’t just restricted to smartphones – it can be a tablet, camera or any other device that can be charged from the USB port. 


One important cause of concern that has already been addressed (in the U.S) is about the locations where this battery package will be allowed. Because it’s a fuel cell, there were concerns, if it would be allowed on flights. According to the company, the U.S. Department of Transportation has allowed passengers to take this device along with them in their cabin luggage, which is definitely good news for those requiring charging on the go. 


We’re hoping something like this comes soon enough out here. Drawing an estimate, the charger could potentially be close to approx. Rs.8,000 with each cartridge then costing close to approx. Rs.100 – 300. Official pricing or availability for the Indian sub-continent hasn’t been announced yet, so stay tuned to this space for more details.