FroYo Update for Samsung Galaxy 3 Faces Problems

Well! FroYo and Gingerbread updates were just scheduled to hit Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy 3 and Galaxy 5 smartphones. It looks like the FroYo update is resulting in a few issues on the Galaxy 3 handsets, according to sources.

My FroYo ain't sweet...

My FroYo ain't sweet...


The official firmware upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy 3 has been reported of giving problems to many users. While some problems like the constant crashing of the camera app might not sound too bad, the update is also reported to have affected the battery life of the handset.  The list below shows the different problems that users have apparently faced:


  • Proximity sensor issues
  • Battery Life
  • Problem with silencing the device with volume rockers
  • Swype not working
  • Camera App Crashing

It’s quite obvious that Galaxy 3 users will be peeved about this. The FroYo update wasn’t the earliest to come and now that it did, it’s being riddled with problems. Let’s hope Samsung does something about this, and fast.

Published Date: Apr 22, 2011 12:16 pm | Updated Date: Apr 22, 2011 12:16 pm