Free Quick Heal Antivirus & Internet Security software for Sony Micro Vault

One wouldn’t be surprised if using physical papers would soon be obsolete, and we are sure those vying at preserving nature would be glad. With hordes of digital data used by firms, government agencies or even small time businesses, what really appears as an issue is protecting the data. With companies gearing to bring in added security, Sony also decides to do the same with its newest announcement of offering Quick Heal Antivirus to all its Micro Vault ranging from 4GB to 8GB.

Secure your data

Secure your data


Sony has an array of flash drives and as a promotional offer, the company decides to bring in Quick Heal Antivirus & Internet Security software to all its pen drives until March 31st March 2012. This Sony offer began last month on the 23rd. On purchasing any Sony Micro Vault, one can quickly secure it against malicious elements and keep the critical data safe.

Quick Heal Antivirus protects pen drives, laptops and desktops from unwanted virus. It also helps to secure e-mail accounts and provides protection against all kinds of internet or network-based threats. On purchasing the pen drive, users have to scratch the silver which will be found at the back of all retail packaging and then download the file that provides the web link to The user has to key in the redemption code and then can enjoy about 4 months of subscription free of charge.

Although flash drives up to 8GB may not necessarily be a huge storage capacity to many, it is definitely something that numerous students still carry for quick and easy data transfers. They are definitely more portable than hard drives which no doubt carry voluminous storage space but are too large to be pocketed.

The Sony Micro Vault range comes at a starting price of Rs. 480 and run up to Rs. 4399. It is available across all Sony Centers and also other major electronic outlets in India.

Published Date: Feb 25, 2012 11:48 am | Updated Date: Feb 25, 2012 11:48 am