Free Online Mobile Sync Services

It’s a real pain when you lose, misplace or have to format your phone and you suddenly realize you haven’t backed up your data anywhere. These days our mobile phones are THE single point of access for everything when we’re away from our computers. I may not be one of those guys who saves all of his text messages but there are plenty of users out there who do and who would have a break down if their Inbox got wiped or their handset got ‘mislaid’.

Most manufacturers have of course graciously provided us with PC Suite software that allows us to back up everything onto our PCs. It’s a bundled option most of the time but one that’s also subject to ‘attack’ in a manner of speaking. If you have to format your PC all of that data will be gone too. So in this day and age of connectivity, the internet is our best bet. It’s not that that’s ever going to get formatted. With that in mind here are a few options for you to consider for backing up all of your handset’s precious data be it Contacts, Messages or media onto online services. Just keep one thing in mind, to do this you WILL need an active internet connection from your service provider for OTA (Over the Air) back up or you can use Wi-Fi if a hot spot is close at hand.

rSeven, is a quite a simple online backup service. However you’ll find that it offers more than just a means to store your contacts, messages etc. online and restore them anytime after. After downloading the rSeven mobile App, that’s unfortunately only available for Windows Mobile 6.0 (and above) and Symbian S60 3rd & 5th Edition handsets, you’ll be able to very quickly very easily upload all of your data onto the site. The rSeven web UI is very well laid out and with easy access and one click restore options for all data. You can download and play music files and videos and view all images as well.




What’s quite unique about rSeven is that the mobile app gives you an option to record all phone calls and upload the same for later playback. You will need to download a couple of plug-ins if you’re using Firefox to playback the files. It also gives you a detailed view of your daily usage so you can double check it against your bill if you think your operator is screwing you over with hidden costs and such. It also stores the location calls were made from and can show you exactly where on a Map you were when the call was made.

Mobical, in comparison to rSeven is extremely simplistic in nature and style. It’ll work with any handset that has a Sync option, including some of the low budget handsets. There’s no mobile app to download. All you have to do is register on the website, choose your handset and enter your mobile number. You’ll shortly receive an SMS with the settings - save them and Sync away. In case your handset isn’t showcased pick any another with the same OS. Just make sure your handset supports OTA Syncing.





Mobical strictly supports only data. You’ll have to find another mode for backing up your media files. But your Contacts, Bookmarks, messages, Notes, Appointments and Text Messages will be uploaded. It takes no more than a few seconds even over GPRS. You can export all your contacts into a .VCF file for your PC.

This is an all in one, intensive sync service that’s designed to consolidate your whole life into one single space. Again all it requires is for you to sign up register, provide your number, receive the settings and sync. Not only will this service sync all your phone data (no media syncing) but you can also add email addresses, Facebook contacts, LinkedIn contacts and many others as well. It’s a rather intense service with quite a bit to offer.




Memotoo lets you associate quite a bit of information with each contact including their home address that can be plotted on the built in map. You can also get directions to and from that location. Unfortunately the map is extremely inaccurate as my home address showed up on the other side of the city and not even remotely close to the actual location. Very strange. Like I said it’s quite an intense service and will take you quite a while to set up everything. If you have the patience - go for it.

Premium versions of these services are also available but at a price. They will offer quite bit more of storage space but not much else. They are otherwise absolutely free to use.

Service Providers
Service operators in India also have sync options for backing up all of your handsets data including media files. The service isn’t free but it’s quite reasonable, especially for those who have a lot of important data on their devices. This back up service will set you back about Rs. 30 per month. Check with your operator though as the fee may vary according to the provider.

Always remember though to make sure you have at least one back up to all your important data synced to your PC and another copy of the same online. It never fails to have a back up of a back up especially if it’s free and takes less than a couple of minutes of your time.

Published Date: Apr 08, 2010 09:58 am | Updated Date: Apr 08, 2010 09:58 am