Free Bitdefender scanner solves Mac OS X Flashback Trojan infection

We had reported earlier how the Flashback trojan had infected 5,50,000 Macs worldwide but now we have some good news for Mac users. Bitdefender has announced a new virus scanning software that offers detection and removal for the latest e-threat affecting Mac OS X users. Identified earlier last week, the Flashback.L Trojan is thought to have infected more than 6,00,000 OS X computers worldwide already by exploiting the Java runtime environment on the local machine.


The malicious code is known to be hosted on websites that advertise themselves as user-generated video services. As the user lands on the compromised page, a piece of Javascript code loads a Java applet that exploits the locally-installed version of Java. Successful exploitation leads to the download and execution of a malicious file identified by Bitdefender as MAC.OSX.Trojan.FlashBack.L. This Trojan has a backdoor capability (which means an attacker can seize full control of your Mac) and also tries to harvest usernames and passwords used for services such as Gmail, PayPal, and e-banking, amongst others. The Flashback Trojan was initially spotted in September 2011, when it would pose as a Fake Flash Player installer. Ever since, it has exploited three distinct vulnerabilities in Java (CVE- 2011 - 3544, CVE – 2008 - 5353, and CVE – 2012 – 0507 ), the latter being patched earlier this April.

Available for free!

Available for free!



Bitdefender's new free Virus scanner aims to solve this problem. To ensure that your Mac is clean, the easiest way to go is to download and run the Bitdefender Virus Scanner for Mac that is available for free in the App Store. Checking whether you are infected or not is just one click away if you already have the app or as little as three clicks away if you need to install it. Also, you should update the Java distribution at once by clicking on the Apple Menu and by selecting the Software Update option.


Have any of you faced problems with your Mac with this Trojan infection? If yes, how have you solved this? Either way if your computer is still infected, this free software from Bitdefender can be downloaded from this link. 

Published Date: Apr 17, 2012 05:19 pm | Updated Date: Apr 17, 2012 05:19 pm