Foxconn worker reveals iPhone 5 launch date

Even before the launch of the current generation iPad, there were rumours gaining momentum surrounding the next iPhone. Stories discussing the probable launch date of the upcoming iPhone have been among the ones grabbing most eyeballs, the world over. Apple, with respect to when they announce their flagship handset have always stuck to June. However, last year, quite contrary to their tradition, the brand announced the fifth generation of the iPhone in October, almost 15 months after the iPhone 4 was unveiled. A lot of chatter on the Internet had suggested that Apple would go back to the June time period to announce their handset, after all; but contradicting reports had again surfaced indicating that the Cupertino brand will unveil the next version of the handset in October. The upcoming iPhone is in the news, yet again and this time around, a report by CNET, which details information obtained via Macotakara, a Foxconn recruiter, has let it slip that the brand will indeed launch the smartphone by June.

Apple expects a lot of sales this year for the iPhone 5

When will the iPhone 5 be unveiled?



According to the CNET report, “A Foxconn recruiting office is telling potential hires that the iPhone 5 is expected to go on sale in June.” The same person went on to reveal that Apple needs to hire around 18,000 more employees to manufacture the iPhone 5. The news about Apple hiring more employees is not new as a report surfaced a few days back which state that Foxconn is building up the Apple iPhone 5 production base and is now facing a huge shortage of workers. 20,000 more individuals are required and Foxconn have already had 20 job fairs to recruit employees as they aim to produce 57 million units of the next iPhone.  


Apple has their annual WWDC in June, too and in the past, barring last year, have used this event to showcase the iPhone. In all likelihood, if the handset does get announced in June, then it will be unveiled at this event. As for what features are said to be included in the upcoming iPhone, rumours suggest that it will have a screen size of 3.5 inches, which is the same as all the iPhones so far. It is said that the brand will change their dock connector and add a micro dock connector instead to make space for other new features, such as a bigger battery and LTE capabilities. 

When do you think the iPhone 5 will be announced?

Published Date: Apr 04, 2012 10:46 am | Updated Date: Apr 04, 2012 10:46 am