Foxconn begins trial production of Apple iTV

The rumours surrounding the talks about an integrated Apple smart TV have been doing the rounds, since quite a while now, but have gathered steam only over the past few months. The fact that Foxconn was producing this mythical Apple HDTV had been refuted by Foxconn’s CEO and now the latest bit of information appears to have turned the tide once more. As per a report by Sina, Apple indeed approached Foxconn with orders for building the iTV and the device is currently in the trial production stage.

Will the Apple HDTV look like this?

Production has begun?


The report states that anonymous sources had informed First Financial Daily that the Fuji Kang Longhua factory in Shenzhen had received preorders for the Apple iTV and this HDTV set is currently in the trial production stage. However, besides this information, nothing else is known.

In a related report regarding the Apple iTV, the Business Insider reports, “The news that Foxconn may finally be working on the television matches up with the timeline laid out by noted Apple analyst Gene Munster, who recently predicted that the company would announce the television this December and begin shipping it in early 2013.”

Prior to the Foxconn CEO refuting the claim that Apple had approached them to build an HDTV, there had been a lot of rumours floating around as to when this integrated television set would be released. This statement by the Foxconn CEO came shortly after he claimed that his firm was preparing for the production lines for an Apple iTV.

Industry analysts have stated that it would be launched later this year or early next year.

The news surrounding the Apple HDTV began to gather steam when it was revealed in the late Steve Jobs’ biography that he had finally cracked it. The Apple HDTV is believed to be a television measuring anywhere from 32 to 55-inches and will have features, such as FaceTime using an iSight camera, Siri, which is Apple’s voice recognition assistant and resemble the brand’s Cinema Display but much larger in comparison.

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Published Date: May 29, 2012 10:55 am | Updated Date: May 29, 2012 10:55 am