Foursquare Android update lets you easily discover stuff nearby

Foursquare has rolled out its latest app update to Android users. The update is aimed towards making it easier to find the best stuff in the users' vicinity quickly. After noting that people were increasingly using the app to search for places to visit, Foursquare claims to have built a smoother search experience. The "Explore" option was moved to the top of the home screen to allow users to find a place instantly. All users have to do is tap the search bar and input search words such as “nachos”, “Mexican”, or “margaritas” or look through categories such as coffee, food, and nightlife. 


Those unsure of what they're looking for can still find Foursquare's top picks for interesting places located in the area by choosing the “Best Nearby” option. When users open the Foursquare app now, they will see a map at the top that shows friends who have checked in nearby, in addition to those present at other places of their choice. Zoom out of the map to look around to find more friends. Furthermore, Foursquare has moved the "Nearby Friends" option to the top of the stream, so users can know who is in their vicinity. 


See what's near you



Another addition to the app is the "Drawer" option. It replaces the three tabs at the bottom of the user interface. Users can tap the top left corner of the screen and view their profiles, lists, and settings. 


Foursquare now lets users share information with friends who do not have the app installed on their phones. The post on the Foursquare blog reads, “Foursquare has tons of helpful information about places, like photos, menu items, and great tips from insiders and local experts. Now, it’s even easier to share that information with your friends.”  


So now when you tweet about a place, or post on Facebook, email or text about it with friends who do not have access to the app, they will instead be linked to a new page showing the most important details about that page. In an official blog post, Foursquare confirms that this new page has been designed such that great tips and photos are all highlighted. These also include other details such as the address, phone number, and other details.


Foursquare has been abuzz with activity this month, more so with updates to its Android and iOS apps arriving only a couple of days ago. Those using the Foursquare app on their Android devices should experience a host of bug fixes. In the Explore option, if users type "Hot Chocolate" or "cider", they will be able to spot some nearby. The update is available for devices running Android 2.1 and above. The Foursquare iOS app too was updated, taking it up to version 5.4.3. Foursquare has improved the check-in notifications with this update.

Published Date: Feb 13, 2013 03:08 pm | Updated Date: Feb 13, 2013 03:08 pm