Four new games added to Humble Bundle 8

The current Humble Bundle, numbered at eight, has been incredibly popular. It managed to make $1.3 within its first couple of days. Now, the folks over at Humble Bundle have added some new games to the bundle. The new games are only accessible if you pay above the average, however, which at the time of writing stands at $5.69 (roughly Rs 321). With the inclusion of these games, the value of the current Humble Bundle surpasses the $150 (roughly Rs 8,473) price point.

The new games in the bundle are Tiny and Big in Grandpa's Leftovers, Intrusion 2, English Country Tune and Oil Rush. Along with this, the bundle also includes soundtracks for the games.

Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers is a 3D platformer where you play as the titular Tiny. Tiny is on a mission to get his magical underpants back from the bully Big. He is armed with a grappling hook, a rocket launcher and a laser gun which you can use to manipulate the environment and find your way to Big.

The current Humble Bundle has gotten four more games in its catalogue

The current Humble Bundle has gotten four more games in its catalogue


Intrusion 2 is a fast-paced 2D action platformer. It brings ragdoll physics to classic side-scrolling arcade shooters. The game features nine levels of enemies, three multi-stage boss battles and three difficulty settings. The game can be favourably compared to classics such as the Metal Slug series.

English Country Tune is a geometric puzzle game that boasts over a hundred levels spread across 17 worlds. Levels vary from having to push blocks aaround using beams of light to cutting squares to match a template.

Oil Rush is a unique take on the strategy game. It is essentially a real-time strategy game that takes place entirely on water. The game has 16 missions in the single player campaign mode. The multiplayer component of the game has 15 maps. Gameplay mainly revolves around sending out fleets to capture new oil platforms and keeping fleets to defend current platforms.

The Humble Bundle is a pay-what-you-want affair. After deciding on the appropriate amount for the bundle, you can choose what cut of your payment goes to the developers of the game, what cut goes to the folks at Humble Bundle as a tip and what cut goes to charity. The charities funded through this are Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Published Date: Jun 05, 2013 08:37 am | Updated Date: Jun 05, 2013 08:37 am