Forza Motorsport 5 attempts to revolutionise the racing genre with 'Driveatars'

Microsoft continues to throw a few more surprises at the E3 press conference. It was the highly anticipated car racing game, Forza 5 that took the centre stage as Turn 10 Entertainment announced its latest addition to the Forza series.

Confirmed for Xbox One, the driving title is expected to take realism to a new level. Using McLaren as its cover star, the game's graphics depict the much-loved cars as close to the real thing as we could see. Moreover, the game promises to revolutionise the racing genre thanks to its advanced handling of AI. Microsoft believes that using the Xbox Cloud network it could implement a new form of learning as it makes an attempt to monitor a player’s driving style. The game can then use this information to construct a ‘Driveatar’.

Forza 5's drivatars seem like a rather interesting idea

Forza 5's driveatars seem like a rather interesting idea


“The new feature is expected to learn from players personal driving styles and upload them into the cloud as racing opponents,” Turn 10 Studios said on stage at Microsoft's E3 news conference.

Essentially a “Driveatar” profile will be formed by learning the driver's tendencies such as acceleration, aggression, driving in traffic and where they attack the corners. The “Driveatars” will be available for players to race against even when their owners are online.

Will the “Driveatars” be more sophisticated than what we see in most online racing games? That is a question that remains to be answered. As it stands, for now this new gameplay mechanic introduced by the developers sounds interesting and is expected to add a new flavour to the genre.


Published Date: Jun 10, 2013 11:49 pm | Updated Date: Jun 10, 2013 11:49 pm