Ford gets on the app wagon

Cars being able to communicate with each other on traffic locations and lengths of delay time just took a step closer to reality. According to Business Standard, Ford has a research platform, OpenXC, which was made in co-operation between Ford Research and Innovations and New York-based, Bug Labs. The platform has an interface module, which is very similar to the Arduino platform, which allows developers to create applications that read information from the vehicle's internal communications network.

Developing apps to make driving 'friendlier'

Developing apps to make driving 'friendlier'



They've now opened OpenXC up to app developers in India. They had previously opened up the platform to developers in the U.S and India is the first country outside the United States that Ford has opened the platform to. K Venkatesh Prasad, senior technical leader, Open Innovation, Ford Motor Company says, "Last fall, we launched OpenXC in the US and it is still in the beta phase. We are working with three universities there — MIT, Michigan and Stanford. India is the first country outside of the US where we are opening our platform to application developers. At present, we are working with a few partners like HCL Technologies, and before I get back to the US, we hope take at least one university on board."


Prasad didn't go into detail concerning the revenue stream of the platform, especially regarding the flow of money and percentage between developers and Ford. He did, however say that the revenue stream would be comparable to those of Apple and Android with their respective developers. So what kind of application is Ford working on? For one, they're developing one that should make driving much friendlier. Another app deals with vehicle to vehicle communications and a third app performs health checks on the driver. The latter does not pertain to drinking and driving rather, if you have asthma, for instance, your car could take you home by recommending areas that don't have a high chance of giving you an attack.

Published Date: Feb 16, 2012 01:09 pm | Updated Date: Feb 16, 2012 01:09 pm