Flipboard for iPad now with Cover Stories

When Flipboard first came to the iPad, it was an app, using which one could load up 9 publications, that they want to read often. Then the app overhauled and came to the iPhone. It presented multiple news sources in column view and also came with Cover Stories. Now, the app is updated and Cover Stories is now on the iPad. Cover Stories gives readers one place to quickly catch up on some of the most interesting stories, posts and photos from everything they have connected to their Flipboard. Cover Stories shows up as a new, “double tile” on Flipboard’s first page. Cover Stories learns what readers like from their interactions with news, posts and photos shared by friends and sources. Over time Cover Stories on Flipboard gets more and more relevant, giving readers one place to quickly catch up on their social news.

Now with Cover Stories

Now with Cover Stories



Other updates that Flipboard has integrated are:

  • A third page in the Flipboard Table of Contents, which gives readers more tiles, now with a total of 32 tiles, to quickly dive into favorite Flipboard sections.
  • New first launch experience on Flipboard for iPad during which a reader can pick topics of interest to get started -- from Tech to Travel. This set-up now mirrors the new user process from Flipboard for iPhone.
  • In addition to having whole Google Reader feed, now it’s possible to add a specific Google Reader folder as a Flipboard tile.


Furthermore, this update extends Flipboard's content across more borders. They've made their first European launch with a French edition. Also, readers of Flipboard in the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, France, Hong Kong and Taiwan can easily access a Content Guide with hundreds of recommendations based on their language and location through the new country picker.  A single tap on the red ribbon lets readers access the Content Guide. Later this month, Flipboard will also launch a Japanese Content Guide. Flipboard for iOS is available for free from the iOS App Store.

Published Date: Mar 01, 2012 04:28 pm | Updated Date: Mar 01, 2012 04:28 pm