Flipboard for Android leaks, here's how you can get it

We reported last week that Flipboard may have snuck onto Android via the Samsung Galaxy S III. The app seemed to be exclusive to the S III before coming out for other Android devices. However, now it's available for everyone. And not in any official capacity whatsoever. The 2.32mb APK was made available on XDA-Dev a little while earlier and seems to work on all Android devices. To download it, head over to the site by clicking here either from your phone's browser or your desktop browser. If you do it from your phone, you will be automatically promped to install the application. If you're using your desktop, download the file and move it over to your phone. You can use Dropbox, e-mail it to yourself or use a USB cable to access the file on your phone.

Flipboard for Android is here

Flipboard for Android is here



As mentioned earlier, Flipboard isn't available officially for Android, yet. This .apk is just a leak, however, as with the issue of other unofficial Android apps, this one hasn't seemed to contain a bug yet. You will be able to run the application quite smoothly on your Android device and if you already have a Flipboard account, you can sign in on your Android device.


If you're not familiar with Flipboard, the application basically acts as a news and article gatherer based on your preferences. The app was originally launched for the iPad in 2010 and came to the iPhone in December of last year. Originally, Flipboard allowed you to save 9 publications to the app's homescreen and you were presented with articles from those nine apps. Then Flipboard updated to provide you with stories based on your preferences of subjects and also by scanning through your tweets and Facebook posts, if you let it.


Flipboard's competitor, Zite has revealed an Android app in March, earlier this year. The shift in porting apps is interesting, as when Zite followed Flipboard to the iPhone from the iPad, and now Flipboard followed Zite to Android. Have you downloaded the Flipboard for Android app yet?

Published Date: May 09, 2012 05:52 pm | Updated Date: May 09, 2012 05:52 pm