Flickr updates iPhone app with ability to download images

Flickr has updated its iPhone app to let users download photos to their devices. To download photos, users will have to tap the share icon on any photo and tap the "Save Photo" option. Once done, they will find the image on their iPhone (in the largest available resolution). The update adds some new features, enhancements and a few bug fixes.


The update also lets Flickr users on the iPhone mention their friends from within the app itself. They can do so by typing @ and selecting the contact they want to tag in a title, description or comment. Friends you tag will be notified that you mentioned them. The update also enables the app to notify you when you're mentioned in a post.


Photos will now look even better when viewing them from the app, as the update adds higher resolution photo display in lightbox view. Another enhancement is the ability to take photos from the app using the iPhone's volume up button, which will let you take photos in an instant.

Updated iPhone app

Updated iPhone app



Furthermore, Flickr claims that uploads from the app are now much faster. Uploads now continue in the background, so you can do other stuff while uploading pics.


In December last year, Flickr introduced a few changes to its iOS app and added a few photo filters too. That update gave the Flickr app a complete makeover: it now has a new, cleaner user interface and effect tools. Seemingly inspired by Instagram, the Yahoo-owned photo sharing app added 16 unique camera filters. Coincidentally, the filters are powered by Aviary, the service that Twitter has tied up with for its own app.


Quite like Instagram, the Flickr app shows you interesting photos near your location. Not to forget, the double tap to favourite an image seems pretty inspired too. Yahoo has also added a Groups functionality, which is among other features that were previously available only through the website.


Flickr’s social connect seemed to be in focus with the December update, as the ability to find your Twitter and Facebook contacts have been added to the app. Sharing and visibility functions too received a shot in the arm.