Flickr to get a facelift on 28th February

The most popular photo hosting service on the web by far, Flickr, has been through a lot over the year. Soon after it was created, Yahoo! bought it over. Off late, however, there has been some uncertainty over the future of Yahoo!, since there has been some instability seen on the management level. A few years back, Yahoo! laid off some staff from the Flickr project and it feels like the project has been neglected, since. There have been just too many redesigns, but there have been a few features implemented over the years, too. Now, it looks like a major redesign is coming in the midst of all this trouble, but it’s all good news for the strong following that the service enjoys.

A whole new look

A whole new look



Flickr’s Senior Product Manager, Markus Spiering spoke with Betabeat about the upcoming redesign. He said that the first of redesign changes will be applied, sometime next week. The new design goes from Flickr’s traditional interface of large white spaces and small images. All of the images have small icons and details mentioned on the thumbnails. The new design has larger thumbnails. Uploading images will now be simpler and will be largely different from the old uploading tool. Spiering also spoke of improved customer service and better synchronization with the Yahoo! customer care staff. 


The redesigned photo page on Flickr was actually worked on, back in the middle of 2010 and that Flickr has been integrated into other services of Yahoo!. There are also plans of implementing Flickr on the Yahoo! Mail service, sometime in the future. Betabeat reports that there’s also been a drop in traffic to Flickr, ever since Google+ has been around. This might have forced Flickr to improve their pricing - for example, now there’s a $6.95 scheme for 3 months available for Flickr Pro accounts. Flickr also has been a latecomer on the mobile platform and only launched a mobile app late last year. Spiering also said that some 3.5 million photos are uploaded each day using desktops and mobile phones. There is not going to be one big redesign by the looks of things, in fact changes will take place as months go by.

Published Date: Feb 22, 2012 11:27 am | Updated Date: Feb 22, 2012 11:27 am