Flickr groups get new features

Yahoo! India has announced the launch of ‘Justified view’ feature for Groups on Flickr, and also introduced ‘API Methods’ and direct upload of photographs on the Groups through Uploadr.


With the new ‘Justified’ layout to Flickr Groups, the earlier white space has been done away with, and now features a more visually stunning arrangement of photos. A new side bar provides information on the Group, including the latest discussion topics. People will now also be able to add photos to Groups from the new Uploadr.

New features coming your way..

New features coming your way..



The Justified view feature will allow users to browse through 1.2 billion photos in Flickr groups. This feature had initially appeared on Photos from your Contacts and then on Favorites. It will now be available on Groups also. Flickr has also created a sidebar that makes the entire Groups experience more interactive and simpler to navigate. Now, as users scroll through the photos in a Group Pool, the sidebar will persistently give the context about the group. The view also shows the most recent discussions happening on the groups and highlights the top tags along with the top contributors.


The new API methods will allow users to interact with group discussions, such as reading topics and replies, and posting to the group discussions. It will also help them to join or leave a group. 


This feature enables the users to directly upload photos to the groups within the new Flickr Uploadr. By clicking on "Add to Group" option in the editing panel consumers can access their existing groups and quickly submit the photograph to the group which is done along with the upload on the photo-stream.


The new Flickr Uploadr, which was launched recently, enables simpler, easier, and faster upload of photographs on Flickr.


Early this year, the popular service also treated its users with news of a redesign, and indicated the photo service will now feature larger thumbnails. The new design also claimed to make uploading images simpler and was largely different from the old uploading tool. 

Published Date: Jun 02, 2012 10:21 am | Updated Date: Jun 02, 2012 10:21 am