Five Must Have Mobile Phone Add-Ons

Let’s face it. The mobile phone is the most widely used technology on the planet. From your Rickshaw drivers and local pan wallahs to your top level executives and leaders of enterprise, the one constant trait they have in common is the use of a mobile phone. For those looking to buy a new handset here are a few add-ons that makes a lot of sense to invest in.

1. Service Operator’s Data Back up Plan
For a monthly subscription fee that wouldn’t add more than Rs. 50 extra to your bill your can have your service provider back up all of your handset’s data. This ensures that in case of theft or loss of the handset your data can always be restored to a new device irrespective of what the model number or who the manufacturer is. Not only does this service back up your contacts but it will also back up your media – pics, videos, music as well as your calendar details and messages. You will of course need to have GPRS active on your SIM.

2. Portable Charger/Additional Battery
One of the biggest issues with quite a few mobile handsets is that although they might have fantastic features, they might not have the very best battery life. The last thing you want to have happen is to have the battery die on you when you’re on an important call and out of the office. Another must have for those who travel a lot and are constantly required to stay connected to people via calls or emails is a charger for your car (if you have one) or a secondary battery that’s always charged. Car chargers are not too expensive and you can even buy a kit with multiple pin options so it can be used with a variety of cell phones irrespective of their charging ports. These chargers can range from Rs. 350 up to Rs. 800.

Some of the budget handsets come packaged with a second battery that is an extremely handy thing to have. While chargers, even the ones for your car are quite inexpensive the same can’t be said for batteries. I do not recommend buying one off the street even if the packaging looks as authentic and is being sold by a guy with a company branded T-shirt. Always, always, buy one from an authorized dealer. The same goes for the chargers. Original batteries range from Rs. 600 upward according to make and model no.
4. Music Dock
Most handsets these days, and especially some of the lower budget models are designed for multimedia, well more specifically audio entertainment. The mobile handset is the biggest competition for the portable media device. Why have two separate devices when you can have one that does it all? Another good investment would be a portable speaker dock. While it may seem redundant considering all new mobile devices have speakerphones the kind of quality a mobile phone’s built in speaker provides isn’t nearly as good as what a decent dock could.

Of course you’ll have to make sure your device is compatible i.e. it should have a standard earphone socket for providing audio or you’re going to have to look for a suitable adapter. Some docks designed for mobiles come with such adapters. A decent mobile phone dock would cost about Rs. 4500.

4. Stereo Bluetooth Headset
Most of the higher end handsets, and definitely not all, are equipped with a 3.5mm handsfree ports, which is great. This allows you to use your own set of earphones which in all likelihood will be better than the bundled set. When it comes to most of the budget handsets, although in some cases the audio player is very capable of really good quality music playback, the handsfree isn’t. If the device’s handsfree port is of a proprietary nature getting a better set would be a problem. On the plus side most of these handsets support A2DP which means by investing in a compatible Bluetooth headset, you’ll enjoy the audio much better and better still, no wires to get in your way. An A2DP enabled headset would cost you about Rs. 3000 upward.

5. Mobile Case
The main reason why a mobile’s display gets scratched or worn is because most users these days tend to simply carry it around in their pockets. The constant extraction from and placement into your pocket can hamper the display. Here’s where a screen guard obviously comes in very handy. However this does tend to damage the rest of the handset as well. What I recommend here is, aside from investing in a screen guard, also purchase a case for the handset. When doing so however, simply buying one off the street doesn’t make sense as some of the materials won’t really help keep your handset in that pristine condition we so desire them to remain in. Make sure the lining on the inside of the case you’ve chosen is made of a soft material, one that not only helps grip the handset but won’t damage the display if you have to remove it often.

There are also some cases that allow you to encase the entire handset and which are designed so you won’t really need to ever remove the device. These are often a good idea but just make sure the outer casing doesn’t inhibit use of the handset’s navigation system or the keys. The better cases out there will range from Rs. 350 upward.

Published Date: Apr 06, 2010 09:58 am | Updated Date: Apr 06, 2010 09:58 am