First real world images of a BlackBerry 10 handset surface

In the past, we had seen an official looking slide displaying what the upcoming BlackBerry 10 handset would look like. But we could take that with a huge pinch of salt as it may have well been a prototype that was still in the development stage, because it is widely believed the first BlackBerry 10 device will be unveiled by mid-August and launched by the first quarter of October, which of course is still a long way from now. However, Research in Motion is hosting the BlackBerry Jam event in a few short days where they plan on giving out a few prototypes of the handset running this OS to developers that will be attending the event. But for those who can’t wait to see what the first device running the highly anticipated OS will look like, a report by CrackBerry has shown off some images of this handset.

Prototype that will be handed out to developers

Prototype that will be handed out to developers


Let it be known that this is a prototype handset meant for testing the operating system and will never be commercially available. But it is still exciting knowing that Research in Motion is hard at work and is certainly stepping up their game to address the competition they face from Android, iOS and even Microsoft Windows Phone OS. The report states that this is an image of the BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha device which will be presented to the developers attending the event in Orlando next week. This prototype handset is handed out so that the developers can test their apps to prepare for the launch of the official handset, which will be released later on this year.

The banck of the BlackBerry 10 handset

The rear of the BlackBerry 10 handset


From the images we can tell that it looks a lot like the leaked slide that surfaced some months ago, which at the time went by the codename BlackBerry London. However, the report points out, “The BlackBerry Dev Alpha is essentially the original "BlackBerry Colt" phone.” But this fact cannot be verified as no quality images of the BlackBerry Colt had surfaced. The styling of the handset is similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook as it features, which is expected as the development handsets have been rumoured to adopt this styling.

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Published Date: Apr 30, 2012 10:29 am | Updated Date: Apr 30, 2012 10:29 am