Firm develops Android app to control Bluetooth-equipped toilet

Hop over to your nearest application store and we bet you will find an app for almost anything and everything. This one though, takes the cake! A Japanese firm's latest toilet tech is such that it can be controlled using a smartphone. The Daily Mail reports that Lixil, a Japan-based firm, has readied a toilet that a user can control using a smartphone application; it can also track user's bowel movements and gauge his health this way. The toilet goes on sale in Japan this spring. 


Called My Satis, the Android application will allow users of the hi-tech toilet to control the 'Bluetooth-equipped bathroom fitting' using their smartphone. What's interesting is that using just the application, users can control activities like flushing, lifting the toilet seat and using the spray. Even better, users can record their chosen settings. They can also playback music through the toilet's speakers. For those careful about their water and electricity usage, the hi-tech system allows users to record every use, to monitor both water and electricity bills.


MySatis Android app – For the smart toilet!



This video here summarises the mode of using the app to control the hi-tech system. It shows you how a myriad of controls can be exercised by just using an application. Imagine being able to play music, while you're in! 


While there is no saying if such a technology would make a headway to India, such instances make us wonder, if there is any limit to tech innovations at all. Speaking of which reminds us of a robot that can emote. Marvellous as it may seem, it produced the perfect antithesis and yet was true. Who’d imagine a robot to be emotive? But, only a couple of months ago, we reported about roboticists at the University of Pisa working on FACE, a robot they claimed was capable of displaying emotions like a human. The team of researchers at the Interdepartmental Research Centre "E.Piaggio" have taken the premise of whether a robot can express emotions as the basis of their research.   


FACE, or Facial Automation for Conveying Emotions, is a life-like android delivering emotional information through facial expressions, which the researchers are deploying to study the human-robot empathic link. According to the official website, "FACE is part of a complex Human Interaction Persuasive Observation Platform (HIPOP) able to collect synchronized information acquired from different sensors, i.e. physiological, psychological and behavioural data. Thanks to its modularity, HIPOP allows scientists to configure different experiments selecting the number and the type of available modules to follow protocol requirements."


The FACE robot can also mimic facial expressions. According to the researchers, the six basic expressions that have been used to create more 'complex facial states' have been identified as: Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness and Surprise.

Published Date: Dec 19, 2012 19:45 PM | Updated Date: Dec 19, 2012 19:45 PM