Firefox for Windows 8 development progresses; screenshots out

We talked about Firefox for Windows 8 a while back and mentioned how developers were working hard trying to get it to run. Brian Broody, one of the key developers at Mozilla updated his blog, and is talking more about how development has been on for the new browser. There are also some early screenshots that have been made public. They’ve clearly been able to get Firefox to run on Metro. It’s said to look and function in a way that is similar to the Firefox browser on the Android platform, as of now. The browser in its current state lets users create tabs, add bookmarks, play around with the Preferences and a bunch of other things, just like the Android browser. 

Development on, in full force

Development on in full force



The Firefox browser for Metro isn’t ready just yet, and while there’s a roadmap for Firefox for Windows 8 ready, the browser itself is still away from its targets for Q2 2012. The current browser works on the Fennec code and the user interface is based on the one used for Android devices. File support for the browser under the Metro interface is already implemented, so loading and writing files using the interface is now possible. 


Brian also spoke of the issues regarding support for browsers, under the Metro interface in the past. This time around, he talks of the importance of a browser being the default one on the Metro browser. A browser that is made default on Metro will also be the default browser on the conventional Windows desktop. There’s a lot of focus from Mozilla’s end to make the Firefox browser impressive for the Windows 8 Metro interface for a number of reasons. There’s great scope to recover market share by providing an excellent experience on the Metro user interface, which means the user will also use it on the traditional Windows desktop. Firefox, in recent times has been slipping, while Google’s Chrome browser picks up pace. Google themselves have officially announced that they would be working on the browser to make it compatible with the tile-based Metro user interface.

Published Date: Apr 04, 2012 12:51 pm | Updated Date: Apr 04, 2012 12:51 pm