Firefox build for Honeycomb tablets available for download

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that the Firefox browser was making its way to Honeycomb tablets. A blog post by Lucas Rocha, one of the members of the Firefox Mobile team has posted news of the availability of a nightly build. The downloads are available here for all platforms, including Android. The team is accepting all kinds of feedback for everything, from the user interface to broken features. There’s also an IRC channel setup for discussion on this topic ( #mobile)

A more fulfilling user experience

Available for your Honeycomb tablet, as a development build



The Firefox build for Honeycomb tablets brings in a whole bunch of new features that include a more thorough interface, all thanks to the added workspace. It has the standard Firefox feel and look like you find on the desktop. The Awesomebar as its called allows quick access to bookmarks, history and a whole bunch of other features. It’s also synced with the Firefox installation on your desktop. Another improvement is the hiding away of unnecessary elements on the interface while switching from landscape mode to portrait. Firefox for mobile platforms hasn’t really picked up massive ground, as most users prefer to use the Google mobile browser and Opera Mini. Hopefully, with major improvements on the tablet front, they’ll be able to. This is something that’ll be visible only after the final build for Honeycomb is unleashed.