Firefox 8 final, Firefox 9 beta scheduled release in early November

Mozilla’s rapid release cycle for the Firefox browser and some of their products is on full swing. Firefox 7 was launched back in late September and the next iteration, Firefox 8 will launch on the 8th of November, just a couple of weeks from now. As part of the development process, Firefox 9 will go into beta. Along with a whole bunch of fixes and changes, one of the new things to look forward to is something called MapGL. It’s a feature added to Google Maps that uses GPUs to accelerate performance of Google Maps on systems that support it. A Twitter search tool has also been implemented in Firefox 8. For the sake of security, addons installed by third-party software are disabled by default.

Rapid release cycle in action

Firefox 10 will hit the Aurora build in early November as well



Users can look forward to a user interface overhaul in the Firefox 9 build as well as a big performance boost thanks to some tweaks made to the Javascript engine. Firefox 8 is currently as a beta download on the Firefox release channel page. Firefox 9, which is currently available as an alpha build, is available on the Aurora channel. Both Aurora and Beta builds are available for download for Windows, Linux, Mac as well as mobile devices.

Published Date: Oct 20, 2011 12:09 pm | Updated Date: Oct 20, 2011 12:09 pm